EA connection scores???

it’s a mystery to me

EA like most social media sites gives scant, vague, even misleading information to their members about what they are being scored upon. mysterious algorithms supposedly measure member activity during the darkest hours of the night. noting the disparity and delayed responses of these sites to actual activities taking place one has to wonder just what the heck they are measuring, counting, tabulating, and mashing together in the backrooms of these websites.

one thing is for certain, whatever it is, they sure don’t want the membership any the wiser …

another thing is their api’s and access into external connected sites is often restricted and their polling is incomplete. it takes EA weeks to tune into your fb activity and start to report your “value”, even longer for a fbpage, but they seem to glean tweets almost instantly. their info gathering from youtube is haphazard at best and often skips days at a time. not sure what they are viewing on flickr since some days they report what I can only call “phantom posts” because I know I have not posted a pic for several days.

as I said – it’s a mystery to me


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