refunds on EA

refunds … is empire avenue losing its luster?

over the past two weeks there have been lots of refunds of share purchases posted to my account. the first few refunds were noted as being newbies that quickly departed the EA game after just a few days. no big deal. empire avenue is not fun for everyone and they realized that it was not their flavour of game/online community. they will probably have more fun farming or shooting at other mobsters in one of the many other games.

however, this week the refund mania has spread and now is infecting players who have been on EA for sometime and have gained followings and good success in trading. their share prices had risen steadily and they were delivering good dividends to their shareholders (friends/connections). why did they suddenly, and without comment, pack up their tents and leave?

refunds this week on EA have come from three tickers trading in the 90e-100e range – that is 9-10 times their ipo price … and shows a significant increase in their value on empire avenue and their participation on EA and across their connected social media sites.

maybe they forgot it’s just a game … shrug


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