WTF! wordpress!?!?! – 01

Calling this WTF! wordpress!?!?! – 01
Adding the “01” because I am sure wordpress, this is only the beginning of our hate/hate relationship! I thought wordpress was pretty lame years ago, that hasn’t changed much. Actually this post is WFT! 01.c, but the first couple bitches were posted on the fly and got their own unique titles, so we’ll just go from here.

So what is it this time?
Just how piss-poor can a blog-editor be?
Just take a look at this P.O.S. editing window wordpress provides!

  • NO choice of fonts!
  • NO choice of font sizes!
  • And the wp smucks hid half the editor buttons!

Total BS!
More bitches to come later. (really! I’m just getting warmed up!)


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