all about me – second helping


Full Name: © MrBill
Hometown: My Own Hundred Acre Woods
Email Addresses: UgottaBE@kidding.Me
Phone Numbers:
(Land) 8675-309
(Mobile) Rikki dont lose that number. You dont wanna call nobody else! Use it and youll feel better, when you get home.


School Name: Hard Knocks
Years Attended: many years and still attending
Concentration: more like the lack thereof


Employer: Fabulous Bakery Boys – Myself
Position: Vagabond Poet
Description: Mostly Wandering & Pondering
City: Anywhere and Everywhere
Time Period: Anyplace Anytime

Miscellaneous Tidbits

Political Views: Sometimes it is prudent to walk on the left and other times on the right, but where ever the heck you are – walk so you are facing traffic!!!
Religious Views: Pantheistic

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