mozilla releases firefox v7.0 … yawn …

today mozilla released version 7 of firefox claiming it “significantly reduces memory use”

don’t believe it!!!

i download and installed the new firefox v7. even rebooted my computer. then opened 3 tabs – logged into my twitter, another twit profile, and the mozilla blog to read more of their unsubstantiated hyperbole  … firefox v7 was already using over 250mb of memory and more than half of the cpu’s … where’s the improvement???

firefox in general has become just plain bad! I closed all tabs and minimized firefox v7 for 1/2hr … it continued to monopolize 50-83% of the processors and hold onto over 500mb of memory …BAD!!!

mozilla’s claims of a better browser with v7 is nothing short of total BS! firefox v7 is using just as much or more memory and continues to monopolize the cpu’s! this has been an issue with firefox since v4!

mozilla needs to get it fixed and fixed right!!!


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