divs reach new high on emp ave – buck/share

my dividends reach new high on empire avenue – buck per share!

last night’s dividen paid 1.00e per share!!!
that is 200 eaves to those lucky folks that are maxxed on me!
(or 200 – 600 eaves for those that bought a lot of extra pie (-;)
the buck/share divs is equal to a minimun of 1.26% nightly ROI
even for the folks that just bought into my shares yesterday!
of course all you smart people that bought me early and have
held on to my shares are reaping much greater rewards!!!

previous three night’s dividends paid .92, .96, and .82
both my dividends and share value have steadily risen
since joining empire avenue two months ago –
my share price is at new all-time high of 79.46e!

even for new investors, my shares are a solid investment
the overnight ROI is 1.26% on the current price of 79.46e
even when comparing price and the 7-day dividend average
returns for new investors is over 1.08% – a great value!!!

add me (e)MRBILL01 to your empire avenue portfolio today!

MrBill !!! I LIKE TO BE HELD !!!
Buy Me & Hold Me!!!
Cheers! MrBill (-:

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