wordpress has bad table manners

wordpress has bad table manners

wordpress fails again!

this time wordpress fails at the table!

wp fails in table formation by disregarding input and inserting crap like carriage returns into your text thus causing misalignment of elements across a row.

the wp editor also ignores many basic and long established html editing commands in general, and even fails to recognize commands from its own editing toolbar.

… just another in the many failures of wordpress.
why is anyone excited about this poor excuse of a blogging platform?

you ask, “why am i using wp if it is such a p.o.s.”???
having tried the wp platform and experienced its myriad failures and poor implementation years ago I had long avoided wp for good reason. my current use of wp is merely a means to fulfill an option on empire avenue that could result in some gains, and to have an isolated forum apart from my other sites and blogs to post bitches&moans about an array of sites across the internet, knowing full well that the wp fails and short-comings would be a ready and often recurring theme.


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