another one bites the dust

… the outbreak of taking a break / refunds on emp ave is becoming an epidemic!

another one bites the dust

yes, another member with valued shares and dependable dividends shuttered their account overnight. these account closures have been happening at an increasing rate over the past two weeks. in total i have been forced to redistribute about 20% of my invested eaves, eaves that were previously nestled into shares returning excellent dividends. so now I must again search for a new nest for these eaves, one that will provide at least as much returns as the departed member did.

the taking a break account status means the member effectively quit the game, but in a way that sort of preserves their original account. all shares are immediately  force-sold with the proceeds returned to the previous shareholders. so as a shareholder you do get your money back. but then you have invest it somewhere else, and hopefully can quickly find shares to invest in that will provide at least the same dividends so your account is not dragged down overnight with the loss of dividends.

spending the returned eaves is not a problem, there are lots of other shares to buy, but you want replace those good producers with equally good shares. one option is to immediately add shares to folks with good return who you are not maxxed out on, which is not a bad thing to do and can strengthen those connections with the additions. however, the loss of the member from your portfolio counts – both as someone you own and someone who owns your shares – can tick down your value in the emp ave algorithms and impact you from another angle. so you really have to find a totally new nest for these unexpected eaves to reside.

i gotta go! go nest hunting for this morning’s unplanned 40,000+ eaves!


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