subscriber … huh?

… it says — subscribers (1)

say what!?
you telling me i got a subscriber!!!
let’s hoot and holler! (-;

dang! was not expecting this
this blog is mostly un-promoted
mostly ignored
and mainly just a place for me to vent, rant, bitch&moan so I don’t foul my other blogs and sites with these unflattering, but necessary to get off one’s chest, salutations!

this is not the kind of thing normal peeps should want to subscribe to …

this blog was created, in spite of my dislike of wp, through an EA promo and i originally intended not to use it much and to delete it after the promo ended … but it makes such a nice cellar to dump crap in, plus i have taken to posting a lot of emp ave crap, so I guess I am keeping it … at least for the time being …

plus, !DANG! … i gots me one of dem – SUBSCRIBER’s!!!


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