pie … and the emp ave defections continue …

emp ave defections continue …
… and at an alarming rate too!!!

so what to do?
there’s an awful lot of eaves being refunded to shareholders by those members who are either “taking a break” (code for quitting – but retaining their account & ticker) or just outright folding up their tents and hitting the road to never be seen again.

so farthe past two – two and half weeks I have had to reinvest about 25% of my entire portfolio because of these defections and sudden loss of dividend producing shares. that’s a lot of new peeps to have to track down, evaluate, and then start investing in to replace the lost earnings and try to maintain my roi …

thought has crossed my mind about maybe investing in other things on emp ave instead of into new peeps … oh yeah, there are other things to spend (invest) your eaves in on the avenue … like toys, luxuries, and dessert.

dessert??? well ok, not really food, or even pretend (virtual) food, but in what emp ave likes to call a “bigger slice of the pie”. “pie” (not to be confused with π – pi) is a series of upgrades that allow members to buy more than the basic maxx of 200 shares in other members. if you buy enough slices of pie you can buy up to a maxx of 600 shares in someone else.

it seems that most folks fork over real cash (as in buy with their credit card) to get these pie upgrades, but members can also save up their emp ave earnings and buy with eaves (the virtual currency of the avenue). i am against, or should i say that i am playing the emp ave game only with earned eaves – no real cash/creditcard outlays! but with all these “refunds” I could save them and buy a slice of pie with those refunded eaves …

i don’t have much of sweet tooth though … and maxxing out at 200 on more people seems to be a better trading philosophy for me at this point in the game as i try to grow the overall diversity and returns for my portfolio.

hopefully the defections slow down and a bite of dessert will be less tempting (-;


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