Empire Avenue Network Activity and Connection Scores

Empire Avenue Network Activity and Connection Scores

emp ave likes to be vague and mysterious about what/how/when/why they add any values to members’ network activity and connection scores. sure, we all understand emp ave wants to keep as much o it as possible secret to prevent peeps from gaming their system, and that is ok, but the avenue appears to often be remiss in actually capturing what members are doing on their connected social media accounts and transferring that to their scores. that is not good, and not fair.

the following info was recorded from my empire avenue portfolio a couple days ago and was the basis from which emp ave determined that my shareholders should receive a dividend of 98cents/share.
Network Activity

Connection Scores

then there’s this morning’s stats:

Network Activity – as of 9:00AM(PST) OCT 08 2011

while this shows an equal amount of activity in two areas the other five have higher to significantly higher activity … yet empire avenue paid my shareholders only 79cents/share last night.

over the past three weeks i have worked to increase my activity on the emp ave site plus my connected sites. during this time my dividends both received from owing other players’ shares and the nightly dividend i payout to my shareholders had been steadily increasing. the past two nights have been a dividend disaster! the divs that i receive have fallen 15% even though i have increased my investment in high paying shares, added more members and their shares to my portfolio. the dividends paid out to my shareholders are down 23% plunging from 1.03e/sh earlier this week to the noted 0.79e/sh of last night – in spite of the expanded portfolio and increased network activity!!!

this goes beyond simple system/algorithm failures at empire avenue, they are systematically cheating their players of a fair accounting of their activity!


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