follow-up to WTF! wordpress!?!?! – wp where did hide my draft???

from my experience and observations worthless-press primary goal is to provide the most convoluted and non-intuitive user interface in the blogosphere … they have excelled and more than met this goal

… by the way wp, that is not a compliment d-;

the missing blog-post-draft copy was finally located, retrieved, and the finished post published. but of course, not without other irritating problems popping up in the final editing!

between the time the original draft was saved (and hidden by wp) and getting to the finish of editing, wordpress decide to change something in the way tags were placed, edited, and new tags added.

clicking the “Choose from the most used tags” link failed to open my little library of favourite bitch&moan keywords … had worthless-press decided to censor me??? no! but wp was now requiring that i grant some new script – one that’s not actually part of the wp editor – access to run on my computer! why the action of accessing and applying my library of tags while editing in the wp editor has anything to do with “” is just stupid! [more bitches&moans about gravatar to come…you’re forewarned!]

in spite of the continued insipidness and failures of worthless-press i was finally able to locate, retrieve, edit, and ultimately publish the lost/hidden draft i had saved a few days ago … wp is still crap!


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