EA short changes members on refunds!

After checking some things I find that EA is short changing members on these refunds!

One of the refunds this morning  was for 47.89e/share – that is only 25% of what I paid for their shares and less than 20% of their share value when they suspended their account!

Up to this point it had been only suspicion that EA was cheating members on these refunds! While I had reasonable ideas of the current values of many of the peeps that have quit recently I could not recall the price I actually paid on each and every one of them to verify the amount EA refunded.

An unusual turn of events today has disclosed and verified EA’s short-changing members on the refunds. The above noted refund percentages relate to a member that “suspended” his account – quit/took-a-break – and then almost immediately reinstated his account. This discrepancy in the refunded eaves on that account has been latently addressed by EA with an additional refund of the remainder of his share price at the time he “suspended” his account.

I now have the “fixed” refund amount showing for that one account … now then, when is EA going to reconcile the all the other quitting refunds that have bombarded us the past few weeks???

This case-study with this particular “quitting” member shows the extreme rip-off that has been perpetrated by EA in the refunding of shares owned in people quitting the game! EA must pony up the remaining values for all the recent “quitters” and issue “fixed” refunds for those accounts as well!


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