Lost Shares – Dropping Value – Diminished Divs

If you are wondering what is happening to your EA portfolio and it appears to be unrelated to your own activity … you need to get in touch with your EA “Bank” page!

The mass exodus of especially long-time players is reeking havoc on those still playing! A huge and sudden loss in value and/or the divs you receive from other players at this time is mostly related to people quitting the EA game!

By going to your EA bank statement and clicking on the line “Refunds” you will get a list of players you owned shares in that quit in the last 24 hours. It also details the amount “refunded” for the shares you owned in those players. However, it does not give the details of the shares those people owned in you – your shares got sold in their departure and like any other sell-off it negatively impacts your share price! Also you of course will no longer be receiving divs from those that quit so your earnings will drop until such time as you replace those shares in your portfolio.

Your EA bank statement looks something like this:

Current Bank Balance:  $$,548.89e 

Net Wealth: $,$$$,105.69e
Luxury Wealth: $$$,954.00e
Portfolio Wealth: $,$$$,602.79e


Total                     $$$,718.83
Share Sales           $$,676.68
Achievements/Awards   0.00
Your Earnings            $$$.47
Dividend Earnings $$,042.74
Refund                   $$,724.94
Clicking on the “Refund” line will display tickers and values for people who just quit EA. [note that the list is only valid for 24 hours!]

Last 100 Transactions in past 7 days: refund

Only refunds within the last 24 hours are shown on this list.

About 9 hours ago Refund – taking a break! – (e)POD101 $$,$$$.53
About 12 hours ago Refund – (e)CAHEINECKE $$,$$$.55
About 16 hours ago Refund – (e)BRDRX $,$$$.33
About 21 hours ago Refund – taking a break! – (e)FOZDOG $$,$$$.54
 Mr Bill (e)MRBILL01 posted 3 mins ago

6 thoughts on “Lost Shares – Dropping Value – Diminished Divs

  1. My shares have gone sideways for over a month then went up six points. Really odd. Dividends well down. Not too many refunds for me. It is just a game after all and we just have to reassess and move on.

  2. I’ve noticed that too. I think people quitting has to do with EA changing their program. I still haven’t figured out how exactly they changed it, something about massive amounts of posts being worth less and the value of the site/profile it was posted on being worth more; and this is making people quit eav because of a drop in their shareprice and their divs paid out.

    My price/divs dropped too but I won’t quit EAV. I’m trying to look at it on the bright side, to see how much my activity is really worth, and what I’m doing right and wrong. That’s why I joined empire avenue in the first place really. That and to meet and learn from other people. =)

    • Hey Nicko! thanks for reading and leaving a comment!
      Yes, EA made some changes (for some folks big changes) to the algorithms that determine the amount of activity, the quality of that activity (this is new or radically changed), and how this figures into the amount of divs paid out to peoples’ shareholders. It seems these changes may have pushed some people to quit the game.

      After reading EA’s blog on the changes I really don’t have much insight into what exactly they changed. It alludes to stressing quality over raw quantity, and I think that is what is biting into a lot of folks’ divs. Too many players were just gaming the system posting a lot of crap to their connected sites and not really interacting all that much. How EA is determining and ranking “quality” is not clear, and they seem to have chinks in their armor that will still allow for gaming the system.

    • Thanks for reading my blog. A lot of the posts are inspired by the crap and BS that happens at the sites mentioned in the blog title. Besides ranting and venting about those things I also try to pass along some observations and even tips for using the sites. I try to share information in layman’s terms with a dose of cynical humour so it is fun and hopefully easy to understand.

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