rise and fall of the new EA member

rise and fall of the new EA member

some folks just joining empire avenue arrive in the dark of night with little fanfare. some of it by their own unknowing doing, and some of it through just going unnoticed by the vast majority of established members.

old members tend to be looking for either safe havens for their eaves in the shares of steady and reliable dividend producers, or for flashy fast moving new ipo’s to snag a quick gain from before stashing those eaves in a safer haven.

new members either facilitate or hamper their arrival by how they present themselves in their first hour of joining empire avenue. if they merely sign-up and wait for things to happen, they typically drown in the undertow of people rushing to greet and buy the less timid new arrivals. the new members that quickly rise on this initial wave of frantic buying are the ones that quickly change out the babyface icon for their own pic, add at least a short bio and other info, and connect an outside social media account or two. those actions signal that the newbie is here to play and not just sit on the sidelines.

the new “players” are often surprised (and overly elated) by the quick first-day rise in their share price fueled by the sharks looking for the quick and easy gains newbies often provide. the new player is then often dismayed on their day as their shares take a sudden plunge, often cutting their day 1 and 2 price gains in half, as the profit-takers sell-off for their quick cash!

the rest of an active newbie’s first week on EA can be relatively quiet, just a slight return to seeing their shares begin to regain some upward motion after the first sell-off. on day 8, if the newbie has continued to plow forward by reciprocal buying, connecting with other members, and doing other things to demonstrate that they are still alive and intend to be a player, then they may reap the rewards of having the 200-share purchase limit on newbies removed and see an influx of large purchases from the people who have “bigger pieces of the pie” status (EA members can buy the right to purchase larger numbers of shares, up to 600). these big-pie buyers are often thought of as “angel investors” and they can really drive up the share price of a new member. alas, not all things that take flight are truly “angels” and around day 10-12 there can be another huge share sell-off as the pretend angels sell for quick profits and leave the newbie floundering as their share price crashes for the second time in the first two weeks.

if the new EA player can survive these two major rise and falls typical of the beginning, they have probably mastered the basic skills of succeeding in any of the social media communities and well eventually flourish on EA too.


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