matching maxing and other EA mishmash

to maxx or not to maxx

this is the question … Hamlet would probably utter this revised wording if he were playing empire avenue instead of hanging out in a moldy cave with old Horatio …

let’s get one thing straight – “reciprocity” is the foundation of social media! what forms reciprocity takes in any given social community varies from site to site and member to member, but one thing is for certain – failure to reciprocate in one fashion or another is a sure recipe for demise!

on EA there is often pressure (even to the point of bullying) to match other’s share purchases or to “maxx” out on their shares. to some of the jerkier players if you don’t immediately match/maxx on their shares (regardless of time zone differences and other worldly responsiblities) they sell you off at first chance and then spread bad gossip about you. solution – sell them if you own any of them, un-endorse them, block them, and disconnect from them on any other site you mistakenly bumped into them. and do it fast!

now then for the more level-headed and truly social players (which most of us are), they invested in you and to a certain extent are rightfully expectant of some measure of reciprocity from you. how much? well, that depends … all things being relatively equal – ie share price, dividends, status, the number of shares bought, and oh! your available eaves – you might want to strongly consider matching their purchase or even maxxing out on them.

the amount of available eaves is obviously the greatest limiting factor. you only get a percentage of the profits from new sales, and over time a diminishing percentage at that! so a good method for reciprocity is to buy-back shares equal to the profits you received from their purchase. let them know this is what you are doing and that you will continue to add more of their shares as you are able. this is particularly true for shares that are much higher in price than your own shares.

another take on reciprocity would be “matching” not the number of shares bought but the total amount of the transaction, if your funds permit – ie someone invests 5,000e in your shares, you buy 5,000e of them.

beyond matching and maxxing there are other ways to be reciprocal within empire avenue and outside on other social media sites. on EA you can do things like list, recommend, comment, thumbs-up another member. you can also promote and interact with them on connected social media account – give them a mention on twitter, like their facebook page, read and comment on their blog. these are all things that add value to the connection/relationship beyond just share buys. and once you are maxxed on someone’s shares these are the ways to continue to cultivate and retain the connection.

maxxing, matching, mentioning – all good ways to reciprocate and grow your online connections!


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