the drama of dwindling dividends

… after a week of concentrated effort and re-evaluated strategies I’ve gotten at least a tentative grasp again on the divs my shares payout to the fantastic folks that invest in me – the past 5 divs from me have all been equal to or greater than 1.0% ROI on my still slow yet steadily increasing share price, and the last two nights’ dividends have been above 1.10%! so I seem to have made the adjustment to the new system.

but so far as the dividends I receive from investing in other players’ shares my earnings are stagnant at best, yet often to my dismay are  less than the day before … this is in spite of continued investment to maxx out on the quality shares of people already in my emp ave portfolio and continuing to add more new people with good, stable, and high quality dividend producing shares.

what gives EA???
are none of these people’s divs growing?
are they all stagnant??
are they all really returning diminishing divs???

it just can’t be!
even with all the curious, and some questionable, changes to the EA algorithms they can’t all be in decline or stagnant!
what about all the new shares and new peeps I have added to my portfolio!?!?!
if nothing else the sheer raw numbers added should perpetuate an increase in divs!

oh well … I will just have to keep plugging along to maintain the value of my own shares and the dividends to my investors, and hope that others do the same for their shares … shrug


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