a random dash down the avenue

share price
connection scores
defecting members
the changing algorithms
. . . are they getting you down . . .
is Emp Ave going to heck in the proverbial hand-basket?
well … maybe you are thinking too hard about this game!

for my own ch-ch-changes I decide to change pace, and I really do mean “pace”!

During the past 15 minutes I virtually dashed up the avenue, then down avenue, all around the avenue, and even dashed across town! as I randomly darted from one portfolio to next by clicking the first ticker or icon I layed eyes on in their shouts. well, it was rather random … I did try to avoid clicking on peeps I already know and own shares in. This mad dash down the avenue was intended as a way to discover people that are new to me.

Oh! and it worked! Yes it worked rather well – I must have clicked through a couple hundred profiles, and with only a few exceptions, saw NEW faces as each page loaded.

Now this wasn’t just madness, nor a test of EA page loading, I was also looking for new peeps to invest in. Any of the profiles that had a quick-in-my-head roi of around .90% or better was immediately bought. As were any newbies that had connected more than one site.

it was fast and furious … just wham-bam-thank-you in and out and on to the next … well, maybe there weren’t any “thank you’s” … shares were just bought! no shout-outs were typed, just crazy manic clicking.

So what did I accomplish (other than spraining my clicker-finger) in this mad dash down the avenue???

  • I added 32 new people to my portfolio.
  • Four of them were Newbies today.
  • I spread some eaves around town.
  • I added div-producing shares to my portfolio.
  • And … five of my new investments had already bought some of my shares before I got to the finish-line! Oh! and two more have added my shares while I wrote this blog.
  • I’d call that almost immediate response of 22% a success!

Ok … I did the leg-work!
Now it’s time to do the heavy lifting – chat with the folks that bought back, and leave some greetings for everyone else.

Obviously this is not necessarily a sound investment strategy, and I don’t recommend it to everyone; but, it was fun, frantic, fiscal foolishness that in the end may pay better than average dividends! It got me out of a rut, helped disperse a build-up of the quitters refund eaves, and hopefully will create some new connections and friendships on Emp Ave.
Cheers! MrBill


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