outstanding … you know, outstanding in your field – just like a farmer!

Emp Ave has all kinds of little merit badges they like to toss to their players/members to try and keep them involved and not wondering too far off the reservation. lately I have been accumulating a sash full of these merit badges, and in particular badges from the OUTSTANDING series.

   Outstanding! #15                 Outstanding! #16                 Outstanding! #17   

  Outstanding! #15                 Outstanding! #16              Outstanding! #17
Unlocked 11 days ago      Unlocked 2 days ago          
Unlocked 23 hours ago

along with that series you automatically are awarded a sister badge – Expanding Shareholder Base – which has a title that more accurately describes what you did to get the badge tossed in your direction.

      Expanding Shareholder Base #13                         Expanding Shareholder Base #12                        Expanding Shareholder Base #11                                        Expanding                                     Expanding                                    Expanding 
Shareholder Base #11     Shareholder Base #12     Shareholder Base #13
Unlocked 12 days ago       Unlocked 3 days ago      Unlocked 1 days ago

what Emp Ave is trying to tell me, and other members that stumble across my profile and marvel at all my merit badges, is that an ever-increasing amount of my shares are floating around  the internet … well ok, maybe just floating around the avenue. this conglomeration of merit badges indicates that in two months people have bought 60,000 shares in me … that’s a lot of little pieces even for a guy my size! 

each of these prized (I am supposed to regard these virtual awards highly) merit badges rewards the additional sale of 5,000 more of my shares. you will notice that the above badges were doled out over an 11 day day period, which means people are buying up those little pieces of me at a rate of more than 1000 per day!

… if this continues at the same rate I might be OUTSTANDING to Emp Ave, but I’m going to be scattered around in so many tiny little pieces that I won’t be able to stand up!


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