The Ghost of Surya Lives On

emp ave killed him two weeks ago …

… but the Ghost of Surya lives on!!!

how completely asinine of emp ave  that after they violently struck down a player liked by many (including myself) and forced him off the Avenue, that Surya (or his ghost) is still haunting the leader boards!

… and doing quite well at that!

Surya and his ghost are currently occupying the avenue right near the top as he is #4 on the dividend board!!!

long live Surya and his great divs!

(and :-p  TTThhhbbbpppT!!!  to the jerks that chased him away!)


6 thoughts on “The Ghost of Surya Lives On

  1. WoW This is Mind Blowing 🙂 I must call this as a Mark of Remembrance. It Sad that EAv has stopped me from playing the game I loved so Much, Without any Information, Notice or Warning. The Worse part is that they don’t even bother to reply a single Mail. I really had a great time for 5 Months and I will always live with that sweet memory. Now, the Worst part of all is, a LONG Petition with more than 150 Names was send to EAv by Chriss Voss, and till Date, EAv didn’t reply to that even.
    I have no complains against anybody, God will seek the Truth.

    • Surya!!! Good to hear from you! 🙂
      I am just sorry it has to be like this 😦
      You are missed by many people on EA and we hope that smarter minds prevail and you will be welcomed back to the avenue.

      In the meantime, I hope you get a laugh out of the EA leader-board goof!
      Cheers! MrBill

    • I wish the whole thing never happened, and it shouldn’t have. Some creep that had quit EA and his minions bullying someone who was just playing and enjoying the game and people he met … bad … very bad.

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