panhandling on emp ave

yep! now we got panhandlers on the street avenue

ea missions are now being sent out to purely solicit money from members in a panhandling/begging type of way. begging for money to be used for personal gain.

ea states: “A Shareholder Mission is a way for you to reward your Shareholders for clicking on a link.”

the reward is “for clicking on a link” not purchasing something! Especially not for begging people to give you money for no tangible product or service. This is not a charitable solicitation, it’s old-fashioned flim-flam! it is purely begging people on the corner of the avenue for money for personal use.

i strongly object to this begging for money!
i have told emp ave to return the eaves from this mission to the beggar!


One thought on “panhandling on emp ave

  1. Gravatar:
    Go to Gravatar
    Manage Gravatar
    Add new image
    crop and finish
    choose a rating for gravatar pick “(G)”

    If you have pic’s already added for your Gravatar you will have to
    delete and start from scratch to get the rating choice at least that is what I had to do.

    I had not been clicking the “(G)” and if you dont it wont work.
    If you still cant get it I’m not sure what’s wrong but thats what
    it was doing to me for the longest time and when I did it that way
    it showed up. Took a few minutes to do so but it did work.
    Let me know how you make out.

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