up…down…up…down… emp ave make up your mind!

… up … down … up … down …

emp ave make up your mind!

dups and his emp ave programmers need to get their act together and fix their game! cheating your players is not the way to build a following, product, brand!

having the “market-maker” daily wipe-out a player’s previous day’s gains from share sales is complete BS!

not accurately tracking the connected social media sites is BS!

not paying fair dividends is BS!

are you getting this dups???

banning a well liked member and then cheating his shareholders out of full payment for the shares they is BS!

allowing a member to beg for money for personal use in a “mission” that turns out to be a scam for an unpublished (most likely never to be published) book is BS!!!

dups, it’s time you quit screwing the players of your game – and yes! it is nothing but a game!!! – and time that you apologized for cheating your players!


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