100 days of emp ave

100 days of emp ave … it becoming a waste of time as dups and his delinquents screw players left and right

dups is so insecure he is afraid to communicate with the emp ave community. he can’t face the honest criticism of the failures of his game, poor decision making, and basically his total ineptness at every turn.

whereas the member/players are cheated at every turn

yes, emp ave is just a game
but a lack of fair-play on dups’ & ea’s part has made it a bad game!
emp ave is not a measurement of social media activity, it’s barely a game.
and the game isn;t even a good place to meet new people much less make meaningful connections.

emp ave is not the first site to pretend it is relevant in the social media world, linkedin started out with a novel concept of connecting on a professional basis … but they quickly gave up on that and the connection grab was turned on. linkedin is no more relevant than the fast fading myspace. emp ave wanted to fancy itself a social media ratings mechanism a’la klout (bad choice dups! klout was already “clout-less” and irrelevant when you tried to imitate them!)

so after a hundred wasted days on emp ave I know:
emp ave is just a game
a broken game at that!!


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