twitter dev twits – activity tab

twitter dev twits – the activity tab

the newest new-twitter forced on unsuspecting tweeps is real crap!

the most recent twit-dev offering is the “activity” tab

Favorites, follows, retweets, and more by people you follow”

ummm … WTF?!?!?

… don’t the fav’s and RT’s of the peeps I follow display in the timeline?
why the heck do I need another display of this crap???

twitter already has issues with people following and enforces limits on how many you can follow … so WTF are they thinking (obvious the dev-twits aren’t thinking!!!) by showing a stream of peeps for you to stalk …er… follow ???
… and again, twitter already had a feature on the timeline tab that recommends more tweeps to follow!

oh! and we get all this new crap info at the expense of the old “retweet” tab!

yes, you can still see who RT’s your oh so freakin’ important 140 character blasts into cyberspace – just now this info is jammed into and in-between your @mentions on the “@twitter-name” tab instead of neatly sorted in the old “retweet” tab where you could see what your tweeps were RTing, what you had RTed, and most important – which of your tweets and been RTed and by who!

basically I guess the info is still there, but now it is spread around under different and inconsistent locations/tabs and is not neatly sort-able.

worst of this new crap is that the collection of data jammed into the new “activity” tab is slowing down the already over-exerted twitter platform and just adds to the traffic-jam that produces the infamous fail-whale!

twitter dev-twits … the activity tab is another FAIL!!!


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