new ea layout

emp ave has a new layout …

… hahahahahhahahahahahaha




and the ubiquitous texting/tweeting equivalent


basically ea’s new layout is about as freakin’ butt-ugly as sites can come!

once you ventured past the initial login page emp ave was never all that colourful or beautiful, but it at least it had a little shape and some graphics that lent it a little form and fashion … but the new layout is so freakin’ plain that even vanilla is too strong a flavour!

considering that over the past few months we have seen twitter and facebook add some spice to their layouts, this obviously uncalculated move by emp ave is nothing short of stupidity … or maybe it was thought out and is dups’ and ea’s choice to hasten the demise of this p.o.s. game/social-media-wannabe!

p.s. this is just another example of why emp ave is not worthy of being voted on in the mashable poll! DO NOT vote emp ave for any awards!!!


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