new year – more emp ave ripoffs

the emp ave missions are basically a ripoff

they’re a ripoff any-which-way – for the one who posts a mission and to those that click on the missions

to start the new year emp ave has made the whole process much screwier – adding additional clicks and pop-ups/new-tabs-opening and hiding mission info within the original email

and now the braindead braintrust of emp ave has decided that their stupid mission program has become to popular and is now limiting the number of missions members can click-on (remember, you now have to make multiple clicks and has additional pages/tabs open before even seeing if a mission is even viable, much less whether or not you want to even agree to the terms of the mission…)

so emp ave is forcing a new year’s diet on its members and missions
here’s your official emp ave notice of being put on the misson-diet:

“Remember how you did a lot of Missions really quickly, well we think you need a little bit more time before you can complete some more, maybe go spend some of those hard earned Eaves.”

screw emp ave
screw the asinine missions
the whole thing is crap
just take the freakin’ mission eaves and run while you can!!!


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