Emp Ave RIPS OFF members … DUP’ed AGAIN!!!

Emp Ave RIPS OFF members … DUP’ed AGAIN!!!

“We have made changes to Luxury Items and Wealth
We have removed the concept of “Luxury Wealth”. You will no longer receive daily Net Wealth (or Luxury Wealth) through items that previously offered that benefit. You can, however, sell your Luxury Items to recoup the Eaves you spent. ”

yep! DUP’ed AGAIN!
damn Dups stoops to stealing emp ave members/players wealth
their “Luxury Wealth” at that!!!
what kind of commie-economy scam is Dupshits and emp ave forcing on members that spent their hard-earned eaves on the luxury items!?!?!

emp ave claims in their blog that “the removal of a feature that very few people understood and was hard to explain simply” … WTF?!?!? Some idiots couldn’t figure it out so the rest of the players get penalized!!! what a bunch of crap!

bad enough that the purchase of some luxury items were supposed to include “power-ups” that failed to work and that emp ave failed to credit players for.

this is just the latest example of how dupshits and the rest of the emp ave dev-team are completely out of touch with their game and the people that play it!

well Dupshits, I’m keeping the damn sh!thouse!
after all … it’s the real logo of emp ave!!!


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