instagram = instascam

instagram = instascam


For Emp Ave the instagram site was just what Dups and his degenerate dev team needed to create a bogus reward system only available to some members.

EA’s inflated rewards of the instagram users over other social networks is blatantly UNFAIR!!!

The favoritism of the instagram site – which is only accessible to users of the overpriced and overhyped iphone – is another act of CHEATING the membership by Empire Avenue!!!

instagram does NOT fit into a fair reward system for all members! Flickr is a fair photo-sharing site for all members! Flickr is FREE! Flickr is open to everyone regardless of type of camera or phone you own!!

Emp Ave needs to appropriately and fairly reward all members for activity on all the approved networks.

Emp Ave must only approve networks that are equally available to all members – ie FaceBook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress (native), Flickr, YouTube, etc that are free and open to membership by all members of Empire Avenue!!



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