click-flation of emp ave missions

click-flation of emp ave missions

the emp ave missions now are over-run with GREED!!!

people are no longer happy to get a retweet, like, or +1 from posting a low-value mission on emp ave … NO! … now some GREEDY BASTARDS are demanding that missionaries trodding the avenue click away at greater and greater numbers of posts on their facebook – “Like-Bomb” as they like to call it! Or require that missionaries retweet dozens of tweets for them (even though the clowns posting these cheapo missions can’t be bothered to follow-back the people that RT them on twitter!)

some of the cheapest (and creepiest) of the mission posters are demanding their missionaries “like” ten or 15 or 20 things on their FB page in order to collect a measly bonus of only 500 to 1000e’s!!! — that’s only 50e per click — well below the accepted and quite fair amount of FIVE HUNDRED (500) eaves for each simple action – ie click a “like” or Google+1, or ReTweet.

Also be wary of the cheapsters paying a couple thousand eaves to watch a video … ONLY TO FIND OUT THE FREAKIN’ VID IS A HALF HOUR LONG!!! (note that they are careful in loading the video to the EA mission page so that you will not know how long it is, unless you first go look up their vid over on YouTube!)

HELP restore the emp ave missions to fairness & respectability!!!

Take the eaves from these cheapskates!
Your Clicks and TIME are VALUABLE!!!
Go ahead and Click on their mission postings, BUT only give them the “fair” value of clicks, NOT some over-inflated number of free-clicks! Don’t be afraid to “dislike” a video that is too long!


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