have you been cheated by the emp ave game?

have you been cheated by the emp ave game?

a lot of you probably don’t even know that empire avenue RIPS YOU OFF!

they do it constantly – DAILY even!

the emp ave fake “market-maker” steals from your shareprice!
your share price goes up in tiny fragments from sales of your shares
emp ave then constantly chips away at your shareprice by stealing little bits of your sales increases negating your gains.

while the market-faker is stealing shareprice from your right pocket emp ave’s other hand is busy picking your left pocket by not paying out fair divs to your shareholders!

what a stupid way to treat your players/members/customers !!!

this is called being “DUPPED” !!!  — named for the obvious reason but also in dishonor of emp ave founder Dups who does nothing to fix his stupid game (yes! it is just a game, and a bad one getting worse by the day!)

but plain and simple – EA prefers to cheat and ripoff its players than treat them fairly … freakin’ bad business model!!!



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