DUPPED AGAIN by Emp Ave!!!

DUPPED AGAIN by Emp Ave!!!

Dups and his EA band of dev-idiots gets a HUGE Thumbs Down!!!

thumbs down

Emp Ave not only continues to cheat their players, but seems to go out of their way to find new ways to rip-off the members off!!!

After several months of promoting “dessert” – an upgrade you can buy that then allows players to purchase an additional 100 shares over the generally stated maximum – the Emp Ave Rip-Off-Crew is planning to launch a new series of “pie” upgrades that will wipe out any additional eaves you previously bought with dessert!

When will the duplicitous DUPS and his Emp Ave Rip-Off-Crew quit screwing their players/members?!?!?

Go to their emp ave tickers DUPS and EAV and bitch them out for cheating!!!


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