emp ave content thieves …

emp ave is full of content thieves!

this is not really a big surprise as most social communities suffer from the unoriginal non-creative types who selfishly desire to make an online splash at any cost.

the truly troubling thing about the worst offenders of content theft at emp ave is that so many of them are on the “leader boards” for this social site and are reaping tremendous rewards on emp ave for stealing photos and posting them to their FB and Google+ pages.

(e)dups and his idiot avenue dev-team continue to reward these thieves with ever increasing share prices and dividends. it is way beyond time for emp ave to take affirmative action and support original content on the web and especially in their social media community! tell (e)dups to quit cheating the honest players and to shut down the content thieves!

as for the emp ave content thieves – learn to properly, correctly share other peoples’ content – especially images! but if you can’t learn to do that … if your mission link goes to you or a friend’s FB or G+ page full of stolen pictures don’t expect for people to “like-bomb” the stolen pics! we the honest players will take your mission e’s for wasting our time scrolling through the page looking for something, anything! that might be original and not stolen!


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