what will you do for emp ave mission eaves???

just how far will you go in sacrificing your dignity to snatch up say a paltry thousand e’s on an emp ave mission?

is 1000e enough to warrant your “endorsement” of a newbie?

how about a grand to “like-bomb” their fbpage??

is 3000e just reward for sitting through a 14 minute long youtube vid … and it being a poorly captured rendition of them playing some video game no one has ever heard of at that!!!

no! No!! and NO!!!

none of the above are reasonable rewards for the above missions!

video missions should pay at least 1000e/minute – plus bonus e’s for being overly lengthy! and if the videos are of poor quality or lack entertainment value the poster should expect to receive thumbs down from viewers!

“like-bomb” and similar G+bomb, pin-bomb, comment-bomb, and etc-type-bombs are major contributors to mission-inflation! greed rears its ugly head in those members who want you to “like-bomb” their fbpage for a mere 1000e!! get real people! the absolute acceptable minimum payout is 500e per click! you want people to take time to actually write out a meaningful and relevant comment – you need to pony up at least 1000e per comment – no less!!! your mission requests for 10-licks plus some lip service for a measly 1000e is a slap in the face and devalues the mission to less than hundred eaves per action!

recommendations … can they be bought? should they be bought??
i was at first tempted to declare that “my” recommendation cannot be bought …but… after mulling this over I have to admit that yes, yes my recommendations can be bought after all …

“at what price?” the crowd cries!!!

well … since I am being honest about selling out my recommendations … I will also admit that it does NOT come cheap!!!

my current minimum price to buy my recommendation is around 100,000e (one hundred thousand eaves) … I suppose you could offer that amount up in a mission (but I think the max mission is limited to only 50K) but the criteria I use for recommendations begins with you owning a significant chunk of my shares! that would be the new maXXed extra-pie investment level of 800 to 1000 of my shares. other considerations for being recommended include you having a steady (preferably growing) shareprice, a good dividend (BTW – the old 1.0+ ROI benchmark has pretty much gone out the window with the baby and the bathwater because of all the adverse changes emp ave has made divs!) and that your content on your connected networks is original (a big PLUS if your original content is also interesting, intriguing, and/or compelling)!

Please note: no-tickie/no-laundry!!! dumping my shares will kill
any previous recommendation I have bestowed – no refunds!!!

so there you have it! some of the things I will and won’t prostrate myself for to earn mission eaves … and how you can “buy” my recommendation (-;



One thought on “what will you do for emp ave mission eaves???

  1. I do not care of how much Eavs are there but missions should be very easy to understand, in points 1 do this point 2 do that point 3 then do this….. crystal clear… then if there is anyone who would want to do it will do it regardless.

    Obviously Eav is a game of eaves and its fruit is hidden in missions…. if you pay peanuts you attract monkeys…. and you can only pay apples when you get good eaves everyday… and that’s where you have to learn how to play this game …. but when you pay apple you attract hawks and dolphins…. that is why some people accomplish more on Eav then other.

    Thank you 🙂

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