totally stupid things people do to be noticed on social media

some of the totally stupid things people do to be noticed on social media … (obviously in “my” opinion)

ok first off, I am a big fan and somewhat large player in SM

no! not the old-fashioned tie-me-up/tie-you-down kind of S&M!

you know, the new SM – social media!!

(though come to think of it … there’s a fair amount of flagellation – self and otherwise – involved in both forms of SM …)

… anyways … back to the social media, there are some forms, types, app-for-that, etc that the well … that the really smart people should just be ignoring!!!
(FYI – carrying a “smart” phone does make you a member of the “smart people” club!)

One of these SM apps is 4S – FourSquare!

I recently came across this status posted on emp ave:

“Wow, I finally got that foursquare number to get off 1.
Now what do I do to get it higher?”

in response: umm well … congrats are due I suppose …
I guess the best way to up it, is to check-in every 10 paces and each time you roll over during the night … plus it will help your stalkers keep closer tabs on you … (you get the feeling I’m not a 4s fan ??? … (-;)

NO! I am not a fan of 4S!
I don’t care how many free cookies and latte’s you might get for “checking-in” … are they really worth continuously broadcasting your location???

While I made light of “stalkers” in my reply to the young woman who was so enamored with her new-found 4S success, the reality is that using some of these SM apps may just set you up for more than an old-fashioned S&M paddling!!!

As always has been the case – indulge in SM with care!!!


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