emp ave FAQs live in fantasy land!!!

Dups! I have read your FAQs and they (and you and your emp ave dev-team) live in some fantasyland – they do NOT reflect what really is happening on EA!

your shareprice FAKES ..er.. FAQs state that:

price is then increased or decreased by “Market Makers”, mathematical algorithms that analyze your Shares Outstanding, as well as your online activity on your Top 5 Social Networks.”

How do I increase my Share Price

Your virtual stock price is determined by other users buying and selling your Shares, and by your online activity in applications like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, your blog, and on Empire Avenue itself. To maximize your Share Price, you should (in roughly decreasing order of importance):

  1. Sell your shares. All users start with 10,000 virtual shares available for sale. You should encourage your family, friends, fans, and everyone else to join Empire Avenue and buy your Shares. This will get challenging because, as more of your Shares are sold, your Share Price will go up, making it more expensive for newer users to buy your Shares. The number of Shares available will automatically increase at 2500, 5000 or 10,000 increments depending on which level you are at.
  2. Hook up your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and other feeds, and be active on them.


If the emp ave FAKES ..er.. FAQs were true to the actual game-play then the EA market-FAKER should be consistently ADDing to my shareprice!!! Instead, you keep stealing from my shareprice even though people are constantly and consistently buying and holding my shares, and you ignore the fact that my connected networks are active and going and their scores are rising!!!

According to the network scores that EA posts on my profile for all to see – 4 of my top 5 networks have steadily increased and the 5th (a known lower score of just 6) has been rock steady! My two highest network scores place me in the top100 and one of those ranks me in the top-third on emp ave!

so dups … according to you and your FAKES ..er.. FAQs, all of my activity – robust purchases of my shares coupled with growing network connectivity and activity – should have my shareprice rising …

YET dups! last night you and your idiotic market-FAKER stole 35% of yesterday’s shareprice gain!!!

dups … if the FAQ was true information, then your own shareprice should have fallen clear back back down into the teen’s long ago because you have very low social interaction within your connected networks – ie, a total of only 26 actions on 3 networks for the past week!

The FAQ is not consistent with actual game-play, the EA market-FAKER steals from players’ shareprice, and the game is obviously broken and cheating the member/players!

I encourage all member/players on emp ave to sell all but one of their shares in the cheating (e)dups and (e)eav !!! keep just one share so you can shout at them that their game cheats the players!!!


2 thoughts on “emp ave FAQs live in fantasy land!!!

  1. I find many inconsistencies, Bill. It’s just a game though. Fakers abound. There are two top tier players who can’t seem to track their own shareholder activity, last month ganging up on me and accusing my account of not completing a Mission, only to find it on @ProHealthDexter (it was an RT Mission). Have they apologized? Never. I don’t mind. They also fake their Instgram – Flikr activity to maintain unreasonably high share prices relative to their fakery. That’s life though!

    I find much about Social Media to be led by the FAKE! Appreciate your courage in posting your own findings about EA. cheers…

  2. I wouldn’t stress it, Bill. I find many inconsistencies with EA. I had to ignore the top players gaming the system – long ago. From posting fake/stick photos from the internet to their Instagram and Flikr accounts to Twitter silliness, none of it really matters. I know of two top tier people who can’t even track their own Missions, accusing me last of not participating after taking the eaves, only to find out I posted task on @ProHealthDexter. Have they apologized? No. Fakers? Yes. Many. But ruin my day? Never. It’s just a game.

    Cheers. Love your courage too!

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