Squirrel Attacks Continue on Impotent Avenue

… the Squirrel Attacks continue on Impotent Alley ..er.. avenue!

Another Saturday morning – Another overnight squirrel attack!
(e)Dups you either have to fix your algorithms so they don’t CHEAT the players
– or –
you have to turn off that function until you can figure out how not to cheat the players!!
Pick one way or the other, but you have to pick one, and do it soon!!!

oh and as if one Squirrel Attack during the wee hours of Saturday morning was not enough for (e)Dupped and his crew of inept programmers … to top it all off – we get hit with not just with one, but with two more squirrel attacks late afternoon Saturday! My shareprice dove 18 cents for no reason at all at appx 5:20 PM (PST)!!! and again took another hit of 12 cents about 15 minutes later!!! According to my “evaluate page” there were no major sell-offs around those times, and in fact over the past week only 5 people had sold 236 shares and those were all by people quitting the game! Checking the shareprice graphs I find around those times on Saturday that EA has decided to switch from “Saturday” to Sunday September 2nd i the middle of the day!!!

(e)dupped-us-all doesn’t care what’s happening in the Alley ..er.. on the Avenue anymore … he’s too busy cranking out another crappy game!


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