New PIE upgrade on emp ave Leaves BAD Taste in Mouth!

Yet once again EA retro-actively put the screws to players who previously bought other upgrades!

While the new pie level is long awaited, the 10% surcharge on “all purchases over 500 shares” flies in the face of having purchased the previous slices of pie!!!

EA – get a freakin’ clue and quit cheating your player/members!

If EA wants to charge a higher commission for new purchases above and beyond previous levels established in the other slices, just the way the commission scale creeps up from 5% to 6% for purchases of 501 to 800, and then to 7% for purchases of 801 to 900 or 1000 when using “more dessert bonus” – it would be fine for the new purchase level to be at the 10% rate but only for shares purchased in the newest level!!!

Really now … (e)Dupped-Us-All and his gang of Impotent Alley programmers work overtime devising new ways to CHEAT the players!!!


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