emp ave also backsteps on new PIE #9 commission fees

When first announced this morning on Impotent Alley ..er.. Empire Avenue, the newest Slice-of-Pie upgrade – allowing members to purchase up to 900 shares in other member/players stock – that the commission structure would change to 10% on all purchases over 500 shares! That was a sharp slap in the face to those that had previously bought enough Pie to purchase up to 800 shares with a commission of only 6% for buying between 501 and 800 shares!!!

Later this afternoon EA relented on the new PIE #9 commission fees stating that purchases in the new range of 801 to 900 shares will be 7%, and claimed it was all a typo:

Niall Brown

September 19, 2012 at 2:24 pm

MrBill101 you are correct that is a typo and the commission is actually 7% not 10% as stated in the bonus details. We are correcting the typo in the bonus text but the commissions are already at 7%. Thanks for letting us know.

While it seems this Emp Ave gaff has been resolved, it would behoove Impotent Alley to be more vigilant in proofreading their announcements and upgrade text before posting them to the community.


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