another slice of Pie

I recently bought the new emp ave Pie#9 upgrade – allows purchaser to invest in up to 900 shares of other players.

This means I will be able to add more shares of my active shareholders until I reach the new higher maXXed level.

I know that many of my shareholders are maXXed on my shares at your current level – from 200 shares up to 800, and it might be a while before you upgrade to more slices of Pie.

Please know I greatly appreciate your maXXing out of my shares at your current level! Being maXXed is BEING MAXXED regardless of how many slices of pie you have. Maxxing out at whatever level is an honorable commitment to the person you have invested in.

One reason I keep upgrading on the new pie offerings is so I can continue to reward the people that have invested in my shares and continue to hold onto my shares. I think it is better eaves spent in the game to directly invest in my active shareholders so they continue to grow instead of buying missions that only a few can participate in, and which emp ave grabs half or more of the eaves up-front just to post a mission. While it’s true that emp ave also grabs a lion’s share of the eaves spent on investing in other players’ shares – from 50% to 90% – by investing directly in my active shareholders they reap the benefits of increasing their outstanding shares, an increase in their shareprice, plus receiving the meager eaves sales commission.

Cheers Shareholders and happy investing! – MrBill


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