Hard Scrabble Life

Hard Scrabble Life | RedGage.

~* A Hard Scrabble Life *~

Hard Scrabble Life  Seven little wooden tiles
  hold promise and frustration
  lay jumbled in a tiny trough
  awaiting your inspiration.

Hard Scrabble Life  A couple hundred squares
  upon which they could rest
  and cast their vexing spells
  of lexical incantation.

Hard Scrabble Life  Lucky tiles doubled or tripled
  singularly or aggregately
  find their true valuation
  only through multiplication.

Hard Scrabble Life  While it’s a game of X’s and O’s
  you must mind your P’s and Q’s
  RSVP your opponent’s ABC’s
  maintain vigil so not to lose EZ.

~* © 2003 MrBill *~


all about me – TMFI!!! ..or.. part 3

all about me – part 3 (more than you ever wanted to know)


I enjoy the outdoors, walking, hiking, biking, fly fishing, camping, sailing. My favourite hobby is travel. What else would you like to know???

Favorite Music

Jazz Blues 70s Rock Classical. Mr. Davis has serenaded me for many Miles. Im a Dead-Head Led-Head and Parrot-Head, and a BIG fan of Little Feat too!

Favorite Quotes

Only those who will risk going too far; can possibly find out how far one can go. – T.S. Eliot



I am interested in activities of a cultured nature – i.e. cheese and yogurt . . . ok, how about the arts, music, and theatre!

all about me – second helping


Full Name: © MrBill
Hometown: My Own Hundred Acre Woods
Email Addresses: UgottaBE@kidding.Me
Phone Numbers:
(Land) 8675-309
(Mobile) Rikki dont lose that number. You dont wanna call nobody else! Use it and youll feel better, when you get home.


School Name: Hard Knocks
Years Attended: many years and still attending
Concentration: more like the lack thereof


Employer: Fabulous Bakery Boys – Myself
Position: Vagabond Poet
Description: Mostly Wandering & Pondering
City: Anywhere and Everywhere
Time Period: Anyplace Anytime

Miscellaneous Tidbits

Political Views: Sometimes it is prudent to walk on the left and other times on the right, but where ever the heck you are – walk so you are facing traffic!!!
Religious Views: Pantheistic

all about me

all about me (just in case you’re the curious type … or a feline)

About Me

I am formerly a Restless Native of Colorado. I grew up in tiny town with a big ski hill way up in the Rocky Mountains. Spent much of my youth on my grandparents ranch in the Collegiate Peaks surrounded by 14,000ft mountains. For awhile I lived in the choir loft of an old church converted into artists studios in downtown Denver. I have traded the Rockies for the Sierras and now live in Tahoe so as to be close to my three monkeys -two nieces and nephew- and the rest of the family who had all relocated here. Professionally I am formerly a chef and baker who switched to technology and now is in transportation and tourism.