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hmmm … wordpress seems impressed … shrug

oh well

take the kudos when and where you can (-;



three kinds of service

We offer three kinds of service:
You can pick any two:

GOOD service CHEAP – it won’t be FAST
GOOD service FAST – it won’t be CHEAP
FAST service CHEAP – it won’t be GOOD

*as for wordpress … wp is not good, wp is not fast, wp is only very very cheap!

WTF! wordpress!?!?! – why do i have to click publish 3 times?!?!?

WTF! wordpress!?!?! – why do i have to click publish 3 times?!?!?

… the inadequacies of worthless-press never cease to raise their fugly heads!

ok, it’s bad enough that wp – aka worthless-press – has one of (if not the) worst editing apps on the net. it’s limited, it’s incomplete, and several of the functions just do not work!

after suffering through all the worthless-press inadequacies it piles on the insult by not posting the newly written blog when you click the “publish” button … and again fails, when you click it a second time … yes, third time did the trick in getting the lazy editing app to do its duty, but it was less than charming!

follow-up to WTF! wordpress!?!?! – wp where did hide my draft???

from my experience and observations worthless-press primary goal is to provide the most convoluted and non-intuitive user interface in the blogosphere … they have excelled and more than met this goal

… by the way wp, that is not a compliment d-;

the missing blog-post-draft copy was finally located, retrieved, and the finished post published. but of course, not without other irritating problems popping up in the final editing!

between the time the original draft was saved (and hidden by wp) and getting to the finish of editing, wordpress decide to change something in the way tags were placed, edited, and new tags added.

clicking the “Choose from the most used tags” link failed to open my little library of favourite bitch&moan keywords … had worthless-press decided to censor me??? no! but wp was now requiring that i grant some new script – one that’s not actually part of the wp editor – access to run on my computer! why the action of accessing and applying my library of tags while editing in the wp editor has anything to do with “” is just stupid! [more bitches&moans about gravatar to come…you’re forewarned!]

in spite of the continued insipidness and failures of worthless-press i was finally able to locate, retrieve, edit, and ultimately publish the lost/hidden draft i had saved a few days ago … wp is still crap!

subscriber … huh?

… it says — subscribers (1)

say what!?
you telling me i got a subscriber!!!
let’s hoot and holler! (-;

dang! was not expecting this
this blog is mostly un-promoted
mostly ignored
and mainly just a place for me to vent, rant, bitch&moan so I don’t foul my other blogs and sites with these unflattering, but necessary to get off one’s chest, salutations!

this is not the kind of thing normal peeps should want to subscribe to …

this blog was created, in spite of my dislike of wp, through an EA promo and i originally intended not to use it much and to delete it after the promo ended … but it makes such a nice cellar to dump crap in, plus i have taken to posting a lot of emp ave crap, so I guess I am keeping it … at least for the time being …

plus, !DANG! … i gots me one of dem – SUBSCRIBER’s!!!

WTF! wordpress!?!?! – wp sux at adding pics to posts

WTF! wordpress!?!?! – wp sux at adding pics to post

wp you jerk! you split the caption off the one pic!
you can’t align pics where I tell you using your stupid applet!
wp you are worthless as a blog platform!!!

pics should be displaying in two columns
with their captions directly under them!!!

Sierra Fall Colours 08
Sierra Fall Colours 09

Aspen Gold - Aspen leaves on my windshield.

Crooked Fence – There was a Crooked Fence that Wandered through the Woods.

wordpress has bad table manners

wordpress has bad table manners

wordpress fails again!

this time wordpress fails at the table!

wp fails in table formation by disregarding input and inserting crap like carriage returns into your text thus causing misalignment of elements across a row.

the wp editor also ignores many basic and long established html editing commands in general, and even fails to recognize commands from its own editing toolbar.

… just another in the many failures of wordpress.
why is anyone excited about this poor excuse of a blogging platform?

you ask, “why am i using wp if it is such a p.o.s.”???
having tried the wp platform and experienced its myriad failures and poor implementation years ago I had long avoided wp for good reason. my current use of wp is merely a means to fulfill an option on empire avenue that could result in some gains, and to have an isolated forum apart from my other sites and blogs to post bitches&moans about an array of sites across the internet, knowing full well that the wp fails and short-comings would be a ready and often recurring theme.

finally found the tags on wordpress …

why is wordpress so messed up?

it has to be the least intuitive blogging platform on the net

today I finally found where to add tags/keywords to a post
(the dang thing is clear at the bottom of the other column
way away from where you enter the text for a new post)

seriously, wp needs to get all the elements together
in one place and inline so you can find them! d-;

WTF! wordpress!?!?! – 01

Calling this WTF! wordpress!?!?! – 01
Adding the “01” because I am sure wordpress, this is only the beginning of our hate/hate relationship! I thought wordpress was pretty lame years ago, that hasn’t changed much. Actually this post is WFT! 01.c, but the first couple bitches were posted on the fly and got their own unique titles, so we’ll just go from here.

So what is it this time?
Just how piss-poor can a blog-editor be?
Just take a look at this P.O.S. editing window wordpress provides!

  • NO choice of fonts!
  • NO choice of font sizes!
  • And the wp smucks hid half the editor buttons!

Total BS!
More bitches to come later. (really! I’m just getting warmed up!)