Limp Alley adds new virtual currency called “V” … (yawn)

So Dupped-Us (aka virtual ceo of Limp Alley) has posted Empire Avenue Introduces V!  which is a real yawner of a blog post.

LimpAlley's new virtual currency ... it's virtually worthless!The original “virtual currency” of LimpAlley – the “eave” or “e” – has been so devalued that Dupped-Us had to dream up another one — the “V” … which will soon be as worthless as the “e”.

LimpAlley’s new virtual currency … it’s virtually worthless!!!

We all know these symbols – $ € £ ¥ – to have or denote value of some meaningful sort, and even the new ₹ (Rupee) is worth a little something, but LimpAlley better hope their new V thingie does NOT get confused with the Vanuatu vatu, ‘cuz that thing ain’t worth much at all … that’s just my 2¢!!!


(e)dups, how long can you hold your breath?

yeah yeah, we all know and keep reciting that it’s just a “game”.

but EA never was all that good of a game!

however, (e)Dups and his non-dev team for the past 18 months have been hellbent on wringing out what little fun that remained in it!

the events of the past month have sealed Limp Alley’s fate – 2-tier membership, pay-to-play, even worse than before reporting and crediting of other sites, and of course the loss of Dr.D’s insideEAv which made the game somewhat playable!

the only reasons to stick around now are to see how long Dups can hold his breath and then rubber-neck the final fatal train wreck!

emp ave market-FAKER rigged to cheat players!!!

(e)Dups your market-FAKER steals from my shareprice!!!

Obviously your market-FAKER is broken – or is it just RIGGED to benefit you?!?!? – because it over-rewards your diddly-squat non-existence presence on your own game site while it steals value from other players’ shares!!!

Fix your game (e)Dups and quit cheating your players!!!

DIVs shrinks – Dups CHEATS!

funny how I keep buying more and more shares in other members, yet every morning I find that I am receiving less and less in dividends from them …

Dividend Earnings: 1640913.61e from your investments! 1 month ago
Dividend Earnings: 1903164.83e from your investments! 2 weeks ago
Dividend Earnings: 1607175.02e from your investments! 3 hours ago
I re-invest almost all (more than 95%) of my earnings directly back into my shareholders by purchasing more and more of their shares. As you can see from the numbers and chart the dividends I received each morning had been climbing, from 1.6mil eaves daily on May 26th up to over 1.9mil eaves two weeks ago on June 11th.
Beginning on June 12th with the double whammy attack on emp ave players by (e)Dups and his idiot non-development team, dividends received have plummeted severely in spite of my continued purchases of more and more shares of my shareholders!

EA DIV chart 062613

… NOT good dups!

NOT fair!!

This is you (e)Dups continuing to cheat the players of your game!!!

suck-it dups!!

nine days ago (e)dups and his idiot non-development team ripped off most of the membership of empire avenue by slashing their shareprices and then heaped on insult to the injury by also severely reducing the dividends received for investing in other members’ shares.

this massive ripoff by (e)dups resulted in more than 5.00e loss of my shareprice and more than 3 million eaves in lost dividend revenue!

this attack by (e)dups and emp ave on its members has not been taken lying down. I have battled back and as of this morning have spent nine days to recover from the arbitrary slashes to my shareprice by (e)dups and have finally risen above my previous high water mark!

EA chart 062113

currently my stats are Share Price 305.47e  ( + 0.45e ) to top my high of 305.19e prior to being dupped on June 12th!

so (e)dups … to quote the show “Psych” — SUCK IT !!!

emp ave continues member shareprice theft

this is the fifth day of empire avenue’s offensive against members to destroy their shareprice

beyond just attacking the book value of member/player’s shares, (e)dupped-us and his team of empAve idiot non-developers have also mounted an assault on dividends paid out to shareholders!

while poor decisions by (e)dupped-us and the non-development team have long been the trademark of the empire avenue game, this most recent double whammy by  (e)dupped-us must not be tolerated by the member/player community!

if you are a member/player and do not appreciate the attacks from empire avenue ceo  (e)dupped-us and the poorly conceived and terribly executed changes to the emp ave game, DON’T take it laying down!!! write  (e)dupped-us and tell him in no uncertain words that you do not like being cheated by him and his game!

emp ave … dupped by dups again!

this past week (e)dups and his idiot band of non-developers worked overtime to rob most of the members of his empire avenue game.

Dups! you still owe me at least 5.00e in shareprice for your screw-up this week!!

So get with it and repay the debts you created and quit cheating your members!!!

emp ave reaches new heights in cheating their members

Dups you and your staff better start listening to the members that contact you!  Again today YOU cheated me (and also all my shareholders) out of another 1.00 of shareprice value – that’s 4.72e in two days!  You and your pitifully poor programming have also cheated me out of over a half million in dividends over the past two days. You must fix this game and quit cheating your members or no one will want to play!  You must restore my shareprice and the lost dividends, failure to do this promptly will result in bad press plus more bad karma for you and your game!

emp ave doings in the aftermath of [X]Pendapalooza #8

what the heck is – [X]Pendapalooza – you ask, much less the number 8 part … well [X]Pendapalooza is an occasional member-sponsored event, this version being the eighth time it has been held over the past year and half or so. during an [X]Pendapalooza event EA members join a group that works to promote each other and the buying and (hopefully) holding onto of shares in group members. basically it’s a massive feeding buying frenzy of emp ave stocks. For the most part an [X]Pendapalooza is a good exchange between member/players resulting in new connections and increased shareprices and holdings. But some players fail to honor the “holding of shares” and within a couple of days dump the shares they just purchased for the quick marginal gains.

[X]Pendapalooza #8 was a positive event for me. It helped that it was well planned in advance with sufficient notice so players could save up eaves for it. Here is my tally-sheet for the weekend share-fest:
(note: all monetary amounts are in “e’s” for “eaves” the emp ave play-money)

Earnings (last 24 hours)
Shares Sold – appx 62,000 shares for 12,959,281.37e
Sales Revenue – 1,295,928.13e (you get 10% of total value)
Achievements/Awards 12,500.00e (2 awards earned)
Other Revenue – 663,500.00e (from completing missions created by other players)

Expenses (last 24 hours)
Share Purchases 3,521,017.61e (value of shares I purchased in other players)
Store Purchases 420,000.00e (cost of missions I created to reward other players)

Now then, while the accountants amongst you are totalling this up and saying to yourselves – he spent almost 4mil to get 2mil in return, for a loss of appx 2 million of those eavie-things … so why bother!?

Well yes … that’s how it looks on paper. But as they say “gotta spend money to make money” … even when it’s play-money! But remember up above I mentioned that the [X]Pendapalooza8 event organizers gave good notice of this event, so I had a couple weeks to save up some of that EA play-money to play with! Some of which was tucking away a few eaves from sales of my shares for 2 weeks, plus saving some of the daily dividends I get from owning other players’ stock, and thirdly – saving some cash earned over the 2

Double Centurion

weeks from doing missions. So some of my purchases during [X]Pendapalooza8 were delayed buy-backs, but at any rate I did not go in-the-hole during this event. Many of the purchases were made in new connections who will hopefully (and most likely) reciprocate by purchasing my shares in the near future, which repay me and keep me growing. And lastly, there was a happy coincidence of two EA-sponsored upgrades being offered – one that if purchased made your shares Commission Free for a day and half, and another called PIE#9 that increased the number of shares you can buy in another player to 900 – which together created a great opportunity to Top-UP on peeps that you were previously maXXed out on, especially high dividend stocks that bolster your daily earnings!

So in the aftermath of [X]Pendapalooza8, I gained several things:

  • I sold a lot of shares (over 60,000) boosting my outstanding-shares to over a half million!
  • I added over a hundred new shareholders.
  • The buying frenzy also increased the value of my shares to over 200e/share.
  • I earned two Awards – for outstanding-shares, and became a member of the Double Centurion Club (Shareprice over 200e)!!

All in all, [X]Pendapalooza8 was a great event!
Now I’m looking forward to Xp-9!!!

emp ave also backsteps on new PIE #9 commission fees

When first announced this morning on Impotent Alley Empire Avenue, the newest Slice-of-Pie upgrade – allowing members to purchase up to 900 shares in other member/players stock – that the commission structure would change to 10% on all purchases over 500 shares! That was a sharp slap in the face to those that had previously bought enough Pie to purchase up to 800 shares with a commission of only 6% for buying between 501 and 800 shares!!!

Later this afternoon EA relented on the new PIE #9 commission fees stating that purchases in the new range of 801 to 900 shares will be 7%, and claimed it was all a typo:

Niall Brown

September 19, 2012 at 2:24 pm

MrBill101 you are correct that is a typo and the commission is actually 7% not 10% as stated in the bonus details. We are correcting the typo in the bonus text but the commissions are already at 7%. Thanks for letting us know.

While it seems this Emp Ave gaff has been resolved, it would behoove Impotent Alley to be more vigilant in proofreading their announcements and upgrade text before posting them to the community.