Hard Scrabble Life

Hard Scrabble Life | RedGage.

~* A Hard Scrabble Life *~

Hard Scrabble Life  Seven little wooden tiles
  hold promise and frustration
  lay jumbled in a tiny trough
  awaiting your inspiration.

Hard Scrabble Life  A couple hundred squares
  upon which they could rest
  and cast their vexing spells
  of lexical incantation.

Hard Scrabble Life  Lucky tiles doubled or tripled
  singularly or aggregately
  find their true valuation
  only through multiplication.

Hard Scrabble Life  While it’s a game of X’s and O’s
  you must mind your P’s and Q’s
  RSVP your opponent’s ABC’s
  maintain vigil so not to lose EZ.

~* © 2003 MrBill *~