Hard Scrabble Life

Hard Scrabble Life | RedGage.

~* A Hard Scrabble Life *~

Hard Scrabble Life  Seven little wooden tiles
  hold promise and frustration
  lay jumbled in a tiny trough
  awaiting your inspiration.

Hard Scrabble Life  A couple hundred squares
  upon which they could rest
  and cast their vexing spells
  of lexical incantation.

Hard Scrabble Life  Lucky tiles doubled or tripled
  singularly or aggregately
  find their true valuation
  only through multiplication.

Hard Scrabble Life  While it’s a game of X’s and O’s
  you must mind your P’s and Q’s
  RSVP your opponent’s ABC’s
  maintain vigil so not to lose EZ.

~* © 2003 MrBill *~


Beliefs DETERMINE Our Results!

Leadership Without Being in Charge

Beliefs reside in our conscious mind and in our subconscious. Holding beliefs that are incompatible is cognitive dissonance and everyone who looks has work to do on cognitivedisonancethemselves or it is done to you.

Self-limiting beliefs that we are unaware of run us producing results determined by the belief and we then justify with our story of reality. When aware of them you have a choice to ignore, to stop being aware or take a new approach. Removing them may take a lifetime or some, once you learn how to ‘weed’ your mind, may disappear permanently.

One of my favorite stories is in Matthew and Mark where Jesus walks up to a fig tree expecting it to have figs out of season.  The fig tree said no and it had a great excuse too. However, the Creator of the Universe asked for something He clearly had given the fig tree…

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Kevin Green: EA Myths – Please stop creating them

Empire Avenue Tips

mythbustersKevin Green, the current share price leader on EAv, posted this insightful bit in the Community Discussion area. I’ve reposted with his permission:

There are a number of EA members going around blogging about their expertise on how EA works. Please before you go publish crap please read the FAQ on EA

To dispel a couple when NEW myths going around…

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Limp Alley adds new virtual currency called “V” … (yawn)

So Dupped-Us (aka virtual ceo of Limp Alley) has posted Empire Avenue Introduces V!  which is a real yawner of a blog post.

LimpAlley's new virtual currency ... it's virtually worthless!The original “virtual currency” of LimpAlley – the “eave” or “e” – has been so devalued that Dupped-Us had to dream up another one — the “V” … which will soon be as worthless as the “e”.

LimpAlley’s new virtual currency … it’s virtually worthless!!!

We all know these symbols – $ € £ ¥ – to have or denote value of some meaningful sort, and even the new ₹ (Rupee) is worth a little something, but LimpAlley better hope their new V thingie does NOT get confused with the Vanuatu vatu, ‘cuz that thing ain’t worth much at all … that’s just my 2¢!!!