totally stupid things people do to be noticed on social media

some of the totally stupid things people do to be noticed on social media … (obviously in “my” opinion)

ok first off, I am a big fan and somewhat large player in SM

no! not the old-fashioned tie-me-up/tie-you-down kind of S&M!

you know, the new SM – social media!!

(though come to think of it … there’s a fair amount of flagellation – self and otherwise – involved in both forms of SM …)

… anyways … back to the social media, there are some forms, types, app-for-that, etc that the well … that the really smart people should just be ignoring!!!
(FYI – carrying a “smart” phone does make you a member of the “smart people” club!)

One of these SM apps is 4S – FourSquare!

I recently came across this status posted on emp ave:

“Wow, I finally got that foursquare number to get off 1.
Now what do I do to get it higher?”

in response: umm well … congrats are due I suppose …
I guess the best way to up it, is to check-in every 10 paces and each time you roll over during the night … plus it will help your stalkers keep closer tabs on you … (you get the feeling I’m not a 4s fan ??? … (-;)

NO! I am not a fan of 4S!
I don’t care how many free cookies and latte’s you might get for “checking-in” … are they really worth continuously broadcasting your location???

While I made light of “stalkers” in my reply to the young woman who was so enamored with her new-found 4S success, the reality is that using some of these SM apps may just set you up for more than an old-fashioned S&M paddling!!!

As always has been the case – indulge in SM with care!!!


emp ave content thieves …

emp ave is full of content thieves!

this is not really a big surprise as most social communities suffer from the unoriginal non-creative types who selfishly desire to make an online splash at any cost.

the truly troubling thing about the worst offenders of content theft at emp ave is that so many of them are on the “leader boards” for this social site and are reaping tremendous rewards on emp ave for stealing photos and posting them to their FB and Google+ pages.

(e)dups and his idiot avenue dev-team continue to reward these thieves with ever increasing share prices and dividends. it is way beyond time for emp ave to take affirmative action and support original content on the web and especially in their social media community! tell (e)dups to quit cheating the honest players and to shut down the content thieves!

as for the emp ave content thieves – learn to properly, correctly share other peoples’ content – especially images! but if you can’t learn to do that … if your mission link goes to you or a friend’s FB or G+ page full of stolen pictures don’t expect for people to “like-bomb” the stolen pics! we the honest players will take your mission e’s for wasting our time scrolling through the page looking for something, anything! that might be original and not stolen!

the new facebook timeline profile to play havoc with goofy game posts

the new facebook timeline profile is going to play havoc with some of the goofy list-game posts. you know, the ones that start with “use the 10 friends displayed in the left column of your Facebook profile” … and you fill out a list of your friends to be the characters in some situation. (see below for a Halloween example of a game)

FB Timeline Friendswith the new timeline profile there is no “left-hand column” anymore and now your “friends” are displayed as an icon composed composed of a half dozen of your friends avatars on the menu under your new facebook cover image.

FB Timeline Friends page

when you click on your friends icon it loads this whole new page of their avatars and links to their profiles. it displays three across and continues to scroll down all the way to the very end of all your friends, which really isn’t so bad in general. your friends are still in facebook’s infamous random-ness (yeah, the list still is not sort-able by any meaningful method – ie alphabetical or chronological) but in these goofy games – where the heck do you start?

do you begin with the top-left friend and read across the row from left to right, then drop down to row #2 and repeat, continuing to rows 3 and 4 until you have selected 10 friends?

or would you start with the first friend (again this would generally be considered to be the top-left avatar in the western world) and scroll down just that left-hand column to collect the 10 names … ???

oh! and what if you are from a culture that reads right to left?  do you have to abandon societal norms to participate in these silly simple games?

I am quite certain that the facebook development team gave no consideration to the havoc that the new timeline profile will fester foster upon those members that love to play and post these fun little diversions!

HALLOWEEN is quickly approaching … You’re IN A HORROR MOVIE!
Use the 10 friends displayed in the “left column” of your Facebook profile, in order, to cast your Horror Movie.
1. Decides the creepy house is safe:
2. Screams like a baby:
3. Scares you as a joke:
4. The first to go missing:
5. The first to go insane:
6. Murdered saving you:
7. Has your back no matter what:
8. Survives by faking being dead:
9.Has a solid survival plan no one listens to:
10. Is really the killer:

so you wanna get the NEW facebook timeline on your profile

You have probably heard about Facebook’s New “Timeline” Profile that will be launched in the near future. Maybe you also heard that some folks (like your’s truly (-;) have somehow gotten a Sneek Peek at this new Feature, and even have it installed on their FB Profile, even though it hasn’t been launched yet … you want to get it for yourself???

Here is how you can get it and set it up now too!

My FB TimeLine ProfileFirst you might want to take a look at this screen shot of my
FB Time-Line Enabled Profile so you can get an idea of what this is all about. (I’d send you to my FB profile to see it live, but TL profiles are only visible to registered members of the FB Dev group at this time, oh! but if you follow the steps below you’ll be part of that too!)

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